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Brian TilbrookBrian has designed some of the biggest and most dramatic semi-abstract murals in Hong Kong. They can be viewed close-up as people move between two of Hong Kong's leading hotels, but also at a great distance illuminated at night.

As an indication of his versatility, when asked to tackle the entire length of the Hong Kong Club he produced an historical panoramic re-creation of Hong Kong, the city he has lived in since 1965.

Brian has four works in the HK Museum of Contemporary Art and individual paintings, in groups or singly, can be found around the world.

Recent commissioned work includes 3 large Asian themed panels for the famous Spices Restaurant at The Repulse Bay and a 7 metre long abstract mural for the OUE Building on the Marina Bay Sands Singapore waterfront. And very recently a triple panel has been completed for a specialist medical practice in Central Building, Hong Kong.

An intriguing new development in Brian's work is the use of beautiful Chinese calligraphy within a semi-abstract concept.

A very successful exhibition in the huge concourse of Pacific Place resulted in an invitation to exhibit in the Schimmel Center for the Arts in New York. The exhibition opened on 10 September and closed abruptly in a shower of debris on 11 September, 2001.

Brian's creative enthusiasm encompasses theatrical design, with a prolific output of over 100 sets, through to the interior and exterior colour design work for a large number of buildings in Hong Kong. It was this work, involving the English Schools Foundation, which resulted in an invitation in 2002 to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

Through the years in Hong Kong clients have included the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Swire Properties, the Mandarin Hotel, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong Government, Amoco, Gammon and many others.

The entire proceeds from Brian's exhibition in November 2007 went to the Hong Kong children's charity TREATS.

CommissionDesign Consultant for the English Schools Foundation

CommissionTheatre Work

CommissionSomewhat Out of the Ordinary

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