Brian Tilbrook

Brian Tilbrook FRSA
- Design Consultant for the English Schools Foundation


English Schools Foundation

Triple mural


至還進行了三次。 我受聘為英基協會塑造機構形象,使每一座建築物都成為生氣盎然、雅致怡人,可供師生職員教學和工

的顏色和統一格調。除了應付特別的工作和解決設計上的疑難以外,白賴恩為各校舍塑造了可資識辨的形象 – 外


我 深信大家在畫展中必能盡情欣賞白賴恩多才多藝的藝術創作結晶。



I was the design consultant for the ESF from 1994 – 2006. In that time I colour schemed every ESF property at least twice and in some cases three times. My brief was to give
the ESF an image and to try and make each property a lively and pleasant environment for pupils and staff to work in. For a large part of the time Jennifer Wisker was the Chief
Executive, who wrote in 2001:

‘I am delighted to support Brian Tilbrook’s exhibition. Brian was Head of Art at South Island School for over 14 years. He began designing specifically for the English Schools Foundation in 1994. Before his appointment, schools and other ESF properties were colour schemed on a somewhat ad hoc basis. Brian’s brief was to give the buildings an identifiable image while coping with any special requirements and problems. The result has been a positive, light and clean approach to shape and colour which has met with a rewarding measure of approval from parents, staff, students and the community. As the selection of photographs shows the design work has also encompassed some creative decoration over and above the main schemes.

Brian’s work for the ESF has benefited not only the organisation but has made a significant contribution to the Hong Kong environment.’

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